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Carol North


Blog Posts

I write daily, and not everything becomes a book. The Blog offers me the perfect place to share my variety of articles and stories. You’ll find stories about dogs and cats and people and family. Having raised 6 children, I’ve gathered a ton of writing material, and it keeps them on their toes.

eBooks & Other Writings

“I write about what I know. If you read one of my books, know that I understand the subject well and am offering help to those who need it.” In the case of my autoimmune disease eBook, I have 40 years of personal experience.  Sign up for my monthly newsletter on the Contact page to learn about upcoming activities.

About me

Carol attributes her many varied interests to her ADD brain, and writing allows her to express those interests. She currently publishes blogs and eBooks after spending years writing columns about pets, travel, and human interest for newspapers and regional magazines.

Welcome Friend

I am Carol, an Author, Blogger, and Copywriter living on the sunny southwest coast of Florida.  My current writing interest is dealing with autoimmune diseases. With a background in animal welfare, I have and continue to write extensively about dogs and cats.

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