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My blog is the place where I unload whatever is on my mind at any given time.  I tend to hyper-focus on particular subjects, and I’ll write about one until something else comes along that I feel needs a book or article.

Currently that “something else”  is autoimmune diseases.  I’m particularly interested in shining light on the difficulty this disease causes in family harmony so my first focus is to bring children and significant others into the conversation.

Dogs and cats have held a special place in my life from the time I was born, I write a lot about them, both here, in books and on other websites.  We shared our lives with many pets over the years and those fur-babies often show up in my stories. Years spent working in animal welfare and rescue helped me develop some skills and knowledge, so it made sense that I would incorporate that knowledge in my writing.

I also write frequently about the transition of mid-life to senior status.  I concentrate on positive, not negative aspects and post with a friend on Facebook and a website,  Posts on this subject will be found in the LIFE category.