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The Importance of Positive Thinking

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The older I get, the more I try to look on the bright side of life.  There are certainly events in my life that could cause me to be Debbie Downer – most recent being the death of my beloved daughter, Elisa. 

However, I decided years ago when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that I would never allow it to defeat me.  To keep up that feeling required a positive attitude on my part.

Train Your Brain

Yes, it is possible to train your brain to look on the bright side of life.  The Brantley Agency offers some good tips which I paraphrased here: Three times a day, spend a minute looking around you looking for positives in your life. Doing this helps retrain your brain.

Look for Positives

Let people know you are looking for and recognizing positives in your life.  Whether it’s saying something nice to a co-worker or thanking your mother-in-law for her son, make this a daily habit.

If the negative thinking moves in, stop yourself, look around and find a positive.  No matter how small, there will be something.

Do Something for Others

Find a way to do something nice for someone else each day.  Doesn’t matter how small it is, doing good will make you feel better.

Live Healthy

Stay healthy!  If you don’t eat well, sleep well, and exercise well, you won’t feel at your best.  When you feel good, thinking positive thoughts comes easier.

Keep Your Thoughts in the Present

Make a habit of keeping your thoughts in the present moment. This stops your subconscious mind from taking over with worries and all the negatives that come with them.

It boils down to getting out of your own head.  Move your thoughts to others who you can help. For women, we who have children have years of experience with helping our children before we do anything for ourselves.  It goes with the territory of motherhood.

If you feel those negative thoughts creeping in, stop yourself and look around for someone you can help.

Positive Thinking Rewards

When we lost our daughter in 2019, my head filled with all manner of negative thoughts.  This affected my physical, as well as my mental and emotional well-being.  Grief requires its time, and that should be allowed. However, we must take care of ourselves, or we risk becoming overwhelmed with stress.

Whatever issue causes your negative thinking, it’s time to address it and find a way to deal with it. Is your glass half full or half empty?  The answer to that question may help you know where to begin.

Researchers who study the health benefits of positive thinking believe your overall health will benefit from optimistic thinking with “increased life span; lower rates of depression; lower levels of distress; greater resistance to the common cold; better cardiovascular health and reduced death from heart disease.”

If you view your glass as half-empty, it’s time to practice some of those “re-train your brain” techniques I mentioned.


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