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Seniors Aging Gracefully

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Senior Enjoying Life

In my senior years, I’ve learned a few things about life.  My goal now is aging gracefully.

I want to keep my mind as active and young as possible.  It’s the old “you’re only as old as you feel” thing, I guess.  I can’t control much about my ancient body, but I can still work on my brain.

How I think determines how I feel in most situations.  Unfortunately, I think we women have the worry gene built into our brains.  We worry over things we cannot control.  And worry brings on stress.

I don’t stress over many situations like I once did.  Watching my children grow up and develop their careers and lives in positive ways and liking the men and women they became, helped get rid of much of my stress.  Losing my daughter two years ago pounded into my psyche that I can’t control everything anyway.

Because of my faith in the Lord, I don’t worry about death or what comes after, because I know where I will go. 

Each of us must decide where and how to remove stress and worry from our lives.  In doing so, we can direct the “feel” of our senior years, make the most of them while aging gracefully.

Carol’s Words of Wisdom for Seniors

I created this list one day as Jim and I updated our Will. That process made me think about how short life is and how I wanted the rest of mine to go.

Choose How You Want to Spend the Rest of Your Life

Embrace your current years and determine to make the most of them. Don’t sit back and allow others to dictate your future, because you could end up where you don’t want to be. Part of aging gracefully is planning carefully how you want to live and thrive.

Maintain Your Independence

I swore many years ago I would never, ever live with my adult children. I don’t want that anymore than they do.  Try to hang onto your life and don’t depend on the kids to keep you going. 

Don’t give up your driver’s license until you absolutely must!  Yes, I know we may not be given a choice, and there are seniors who should not drive.  But they will pry those car keys from my cold, dead hands if I have that option. I don’t drive often, but at least I know I can if I choose.

Take Care of Yourself

Your appearance has much to do with how you feel and how others look at you. Get your hair done regularly.  If you can’t afford a hairdresser, try to find a friend who can help keep your hair trimmed and styled in a way that you can handle. Spend time on your nails.  Use makeup and skin care products suitable for your age. 

Dress for your age as well as how you feel.  I refuse to wear what I call “old lady clothes,” but I also will not try to look 30 again.  No ripped jeans or skinny-strapped tanks for my sagging boobs!  If you don’t know what looks good on you, ask someone you trust for help. Aging gracefully demands that you try to look your best.

Exercise Your Brain

Get out of your comfort zone.  Learn something new.  Work crossword puzzles.  Stay active with a hobby you love.  Read, write, find ways to enjoy your life. Anything that requires you to use your mind will help keep your mental faculties sharp.

Pets Keep You Young

I love dogs.  I like most cats.  We used to prefer large dogs and owned several Great Danes.  Now, we realize that we physically can’t handle a dog that size, but we do share our lives with a much smaller mutt and an aging cat. Their antics keep us laughing. 

Pets are known to keep seniors young.  Just knowing you must get up each morning to feed and walk your pet gives you a responsibility and a reason to keep going.  And who knows how many new friends you can make when you walk a dog! Owning a pet helps lower your blood pressure, as well.

Maintain Your Health

A large part of aging gracefully depends on you getting the medical care you need, following your doctor’s orders, and practicing daily healthy living habits.  Visit your dentist regularly. 

If you must deal with a condition or disease that won’t go away, educate yourself. Read all you can about your problem.  Discuss options with your doctor.  If he or she won’t listen to you or respect your needs, find someone who will.  Once you are comfortable with a plan for your life, you can live it and get on with aging gracefully.

Plan Your Golden Years

Reach out to others and help wherever you can.  Look around for volunteer opportunities.  Determine to do just one thing every day to make someone else smile.  Life is too short, and we must make the most of each day God gives us!

Sit down and make a plan for your golden years!  Be the “mature” person you admire and want to emulate.

The last thing I want is to become a bitchy old woman who frowns at life and the people in it.  No one wants to spend time with someone like that, and it is not aging gracefully. It’s up to you to make the most of the life you have.  Spend it the way you choose!

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