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Why We All Need a Bucket List

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Everyone should write a bucket list.

Remember the movie, “The Bucket List?” Unlikeable but wealthy, the character played by Jack Nicholson believed his cancer was incurable. He refused to accept that such a horrible fate might be his future and could not understand the mindset of his hospital roommate, played by Morgan Freeman.

Freeman’s character believed in God, loved his family and his life. As Nicholson’s character possessed no understanding of his roommate’s simple life, Freeman’s character’s lack of life experiences and his ability to accept and deal with whatever his future brings, the two men get to know each other through chemo treatments and all the side effects.

While Freeman teaches Nicholson about the importance of family, Nicholson teaches Freeman about the importance of creating a bucket list and then led Freeman on a wild and wooly set of adventures based on his bucket list. The movie, both funny and sad, inspired met to think about my own list of things I want to do before I die.

The Purpose of a Bucket List

Good reasons actually exist why everyone should consider writing down a bucket list. Most of us believe we have a purpose in our lives – goals to reach, a focus to guide us as we travel through the years.

Making Memories

At the advanced age of 80, my memories are important to me. I remember the good family times we shared. I recall my children when they were young and dependent upon me in many ways, and I know I may eventually become dependent on them.

Just knowing that the bucket list lies waiting for you to discover the adventures your wrote down might be what’s needed to get you moving. According to a survey by the Stanford Letter Project, the desire to travel is #1 on bucket lists for those surveyed. For me, I want to make one more trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, before I die. Whether or not it will happen is anybody’s guess. Is there a special place you’ve been wanting to visit? Write it down, maybe even discuss why you want to go there. By knowing it is written on your bucket list, you may find yourself making the effort to go.

Ideas for Your Bucket List

As you begin your bucket list, think about what interests you. What have you always wanted to do but for some reason never accomplished. For some, it’s travel. For others, it might include sports events or meeting celebrities. Still others may feel the need to sky dive or some other equally dangerous activity. Whatever you wanted but didn’t have the time or money or whatever to accomplish, add that to your list. You never know when opportunity might arise.

Learn Something New

I know someone who talks about returning to school for an advanced degree in her 70’s. That’s not for me but whatever floats your boat! Maybe you’d like to learn a new language or learn to play the piano. Add it to your bucket list.

A Bucket List Might Get You Out of a Rut

If you find yourself depressed or in a kind of funk, it may take a lot to get you out of it. Writing a bucket list might help you move in the right direction. And trying something new may be just what you need to find life fun again.

Hopefully, a bucket list would motivate you to get out of your comfort zone and live life to its fullest. I’m slowly ticking off items on my list. I posted my bucket list on the refrigerator for all to see, and my kids took care of two items on my list for my 80th birthday. Two of them gave me a new computer and another one chose tickets to an Atlanta Braves regular season game. Only 2 items remain on the list and who knows, there may be time to complete those yet.

Don’t allow life to pass you by. Start now to live your life to its fullest by writing a bucket list of what you want to do or accomplish in your life. We only get one chance to experience all that life has to offer us. Make the most of yours!

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