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New Book on Rheumatoid Arthritis to Come

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Diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis

I haven’t posted here in awhile – with good reason. For the past several months, I’ve been hard at work on my new book on rheumatoid arthritis. Once all edits and beta readers are finished, the book will be available on Amazon.

Titled, “Rheumatoid Arthritis: It’s More than a Joint Disease,” this book will tell you more about this disease than your doctor ever did! For example, I had no idea that RA would make me more likely to experience so many other health conditions. Granted, we can’t expect our rheumatologists to pre-warn us about diseases and conditions we may never experience. But it surely would seem helpful to have some knowledge of possibilities. New symptoms blindsided me more than once that RA actually contributed to or caused.

Did you know that rheumatoid arthritis can lead to various forms of dental disease? Or digestive issues – that one really surprised me! When I developed iritis, a painful eye infection, my rheumatologist at the time didn’t tell me that RA may have caused it.

Marijuana May Help with Some RA Symptoms

Considering my age and that I raised 6 children, I never expected to write positive words about the use of “weed” for treating rheumatoid arthritis. However, many patients and physicians admit that some forms of marijuana help with certain RA symptoms. You will find a chapter on MJ and how it is used in treating RA in the book.

People without an autoimmune condition don’t understand the problems that go with life with an invisible disease. I hope my newest book will shed some light on the subject.

The book takes on many subjects that I missed in the first book on rheumatoid arthritis, and I believe those who purchase it will find it helpful. As I did with the first RA book, I will keep the price low. Won’t be long now!

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