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Finding the Tiny Gold Locket

Tiny gold locket

Several days ago, I grabbed at a plastic “junk” container sitting on top of my desk. It held paper clips, pens and pencils and sticky notes, and I unintentionally dumped it in the center of the desk. In the midst of the “junk,” I found a tiny gold locket.

This locket was given to me by my Mother – maybe in 1944. I, in turn, had gifted it to my baby girl in 1974 when we brought her home from Guatemala. Elisa, being a tiny child, continued to wear the locket through her childhood and as a young adult.

I have no idea how it arrived on my desk. Granted, I don’t remember the last time I cleaned out that container. When Elisa died in 2019, Jym and I worked together to clean out her room and closet. I sorted through her jewelry container but never found the tiny gold locket. I just assumed her ex had taken it along with other more valuable pieces before they split.

How Did It Get There?

There was no rhyme or reason for the locket to be on my desk! I am Christian, definitely not into the paranormal. I do believe in angels in my life but not so sure about ghosts. But as I studied the tiny, gold locket, many not-so-earthly thoughts flickered through my mind. Jym had not seen the locket before and didn’t remember Elisa wearing it. We know there must be some reasonable explanation of how this tiny piece of jewelry ended up in a messy basket of office junk.

Oh The Memories!

The tiny indentations of Elisa’s – and possibly my own baby teeth on the back of the locket reminded me of the times when she struggled with words as a toddler and would “chew” on the locket to ease her frustration.

Crisis Over the Tiny Gold Locket

Elisa and the tiny gold locket
Elisa North

When Elisa was a small child, I owned and operated a children’s clothing boutique in a small mall. She modeled in fashion shows on occasion. One night, she was dressed and ready to climb the steps to the runway when she remembered her “yocket” was missing. This little 3-year-old knew she could not be seen without her “yocket.” (Locket was found and crisis averted!)

Another crisis appeared when 6-year-old Elisa wanted to wear the locket to the beach one chilly, January day. We were spending a few days on Sanibel Island, and she decided her swimsuit would not be perfect without the locket in place. At least we avoided a meltdown that day.

As she grew up, Elisa’s neck remained small enough that she could wear the locket on a gold chain, and she did so for years. We never knew what kind of gold was used in creating this little pendent but since it didn’t turn green, I can guess it might have been at least 10K. In her teen years, we laughed frequently about checking her neck to be sure it wasn’t green.

Today, I’m left with only the tiny gold locket that both my daughter and I wore and its memories. The various chains on which the locket hung over those many years are long gone, but holding the tiny piece of gold brought back warm remembrances of my child.

2 thoughts on “Finding the Tiny Gold Locket”

  1. what an awesome thing to have happen….. And just why not….people find penny’s, shells, etc in places where there is no explanation. I guess I choose to believe it’s their way of saying “hello, I love you”. I love this!!!

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